The Mercian Vineyards Association is an organisation dedicated to English & Welsh wine and wine making in the ‘Mercian’ or midlands region, and our members are both enthusiastic amateurs and seasoned professionals.

The UK is a premium wine producing region, with around 500 vineyards in England and Wales producing in excess of 5 million bottles of wine each year from 133 wineries. Viticulture and winemaking here has a long and rich history. From Roman times to the present day, wine production has been an important and significant part of our culture and heritage. A full selection of wines can be produced in the UK, ranging from dry whites to sparkling, with many winning prestigious awards both here and abroad.

English wine is produced from a large selection of grape varieties, carefully developed over the years to succeed and cope with our challenging and unpredictable climate.

Please explore our website to find out more – what we do, how to join and more information about this exciting industry.